Greenport Tree Committee Auction "Magical Maniac"

NOTE:  Auction postponed. Watch this listing for new timing.  When the mid-19th century silver maple was finally felled in 2011, several local artists were given pieces to transform into art works.  I was fortunate to receive four of those pieces that eventually became sculptures in our house and garden.  One of my sculptures -- Magical Maniac" -- will be at the Greenport Tree Comittee Auction.  When I first saw this image in the inner bark of this old tree, I was fascinated by the strange ugliness of a human face -- mishapen head, mouth agape, warts and all.  But over time, I felt a growing attraction, akin to how we feel about the Hunchback of Notre Dame as the story progresses.  I began to realize that my maniac possessed ancient wisdom.  As I meditated on the sculpture, sharing my problems and worries, he stared back as if to say -- "you think you've got worries, my anxieties are literally written on my face."  And then magically, my fretting decreased and my smiling increased.  And so a scary visage became a wise, dear friend, my beloved Maghical Maniac.