"Nature Incorporated," ArtSites, 651 Main St., Riverhead, NY

"Nature Incorporated" considers how nature is used as raw material -- both exploited and used for its own characterstics and associations.  Robert Oxnam has several pieces in this exhibition, all remarkably curated by Glynis Berry.  The other artists in the show include Hideaki Ariizumi, Lillian Ball, Andrea Cote, Scott McIntire, Hope Sandrow + Ulf Skogsberg, Nina Yankowitz, and "Potraits" from Tracy Heneberger.   Oxnam also offers a lecture on October 20, 2012 entitled "Inspired by Old China: Gardens and Rocks."  Proceeds from sales (20%) and special events go to the not-for-profit Peconic Green Growth.  The overall impact of this imaginative show reveals the breadth and ingenuity of many artists exploring the contemporary fascination with the magnificent, yet threatened, natural environment in which we live.