NYC 53rd St. New York Public Library "Spirits by the Sea"
Tue, 06/06/2017 - Wed, 09/20/2017

The 53rd St NYPL is a remarkable neo-modern building that opened to the public in June, 2016.  I'm honored to be the first artist to be asked to exhibit in this lovely light-filled space across the street from the Museum of Modern Art.  This is a one-man show with thirty-three wood sculptures and ten macro-lens photographs of details in glacial rocks.  All works were found on the North Fork of Long Island and represent many new works created over the past decade.  The setting is perfect for...

Greenport Tree Committee Auction "Magical Maniac"
Sat, 10/03/2015

NOTE:  Auction postponed. Watch this listing for new timing.  When the mid-19th century silver maple was finally felled in 2011, several local artists were given pieces to transform into art works.  I was fortunate to receive four of those pieces that eventually became sculptures in our house and garden.  One of my sculptures -- Magical Maniac" -- will be at the Greenport Tree Comittee Auction.  When I first saw this image in the inner bark of this old tree, I was fascinated...

"Oysterponds Art Auction" Orient, NY
Sat, 08/01/2015

Oysterponds -- the major museum in the historical town of Orient -- has a much-heralded annual art auction which attracts clients from the Long Island and greater New York City area.  My contribution was an "untitled" sculpture in a show that otherwise featured two-dimensional art.  I was pleased that my work was featured prominently and that it sold at auction.  All proceeds go to help the cause of Oysterponds.

"The Big Egg Hunt" New York City
Wed, 04/02/2014 - Thu, 04/24/2014

The Big Egg Hunt of New York City featured 270 selected artist -- each was given a meter-high white egg and asked to transform it into a unique image.  The eggs were then hidden all over the five boroughs -- those who found the most eggs were awarded a golden necklace from Faberge with and egg design.  At the end of the Big Egg Hunt, all of the art works were aucdtioned and proceeds were given to Studio in the School.  The Big Egg Hunt, which first occurred in London in 2012, was the...

"Nature Incorporated," ArtSites, 651 Main St., Riverhead, NY
Fri, 09/21/2012 - Sat, 12/15/2012

"Nature Incorporated" considers how nature is used as raw material -- both exploited and used for its own characterstics and associations.  Robert Oxnam has several pieces in this exhibition, all remarkably curated by Glynis Berry.  The other artists in the show include Hideaki Ariizumi, Lillian Ball, Andrea Cote, Scott McIntire, Hope Sandrow + Ulf Skogsberg, Nina Yankowitz, and "Potraits" from Tracy Heneberger.   Oxnam also offers a lecture on October 20, 2012 entitled "Inspired by Old...

"Balance/Tension" Full Moon Art Center East Moriches, NY
Sat, 07/21/2012 - Sat, 08/11/2012

Nine of my works are displayed in this remarkable arts festival which has its opening on July 21, 2012. Ronnie Wiener, the director of the Center, and Avital Oz, a fine sculptor who serves as curator of this event, are overseeing what they call a "multi-media and interactive series." In addition to a wide array of visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, and ceramics), the festival features jazz music, balance acts, Tai Chi sword performance, circus balance acts, and a series of...

Robert Oxnam & Arden Scott
Sat, 10/01/2011

Two maritime-inpired artists from Long Island's North Fork are collaborating in this one-night benefit exhibition at the 19th century mansion known as Brecknock Hall.  Oxnam's works are drawn from weathered wood, while Scott's use a variety of materials -- especially old iron and pine-tarred wood.  The exhibition curator is a well-known North Fork art expert, Jennifer Benton.  Benton's husband, David Nyce,is a man of many talents -- installer of the exhibition, remarkable furniture artist (...

"Washed Up," Brooklyn Zen Center, New York
Thu, 03/31/2011 - Wed, 06/08/2011

This was a collaborative exhibition, involving Oxnam and Ellen Driscoll, head of the Sculpture Department, Rhode Island School of Design. Noah Fischer curated the show – he is a devout Zen practitioner, a sculptor of note, and a teacher at RISD. All three found this a truly incredible experience – the two days of installation interspersed art collaboration with Zen meditation, and much of the show was put together in strict silence. Somehow, the whole experience prompted a creation that...

“Nature Spirits,” Interchurch Center, Lobby Gallery
Thu, 09/23/2010 - Fri, 12/09/2011

This exhibition, part of the 50th anniversary of this major ecumenical institution, encompassed the entire lobby. It was housed in well-lit vitrines and included more than twenty of Oxnam’s sculptures, a continuous slide-show of his art-making process, and twelve of his photographs of North Fork coastal areas and weathered wood. The exhibition was meticulously curated by Frank Degregorie. A highlight was an interview with Oxnam by Vishakha Desai (his wife who is an art historian and...

“Eye World,” Triple Candie Gallery (New York City)
Thu, 11/12/2009 - Tue, 01/12/2010

An unusual exhibition in which Oxnam was one of seventy-two artists invited from around the globe. The entire show was housed in an old-fashioned art cabinet with seventy-two drawers capped by a glass top. Each artist was allotted a single drawer for an object and a space on top for an “ambassador” (something that offered a link to the art work below). The curators, Emily Cheng and Michelle Loh, published a beautiful catalogue (one page for each artist). For further information, contact...