NYC 53rd St. New York Public Library "Spirits by the Sea"

The 53rd St NYPL is a remarkable neo-modern building that opened to the public in June, 2016.  I'm honored to be the first artist to be asked to exhibit in this lovely light-filled space across the street from the Museum of Modern Art.  This is a one-man show with thirty-three wood sculptures and ten macro-lens photographs of details in glacial rocks.  All works were found on the North Fork of Long Island and represent many new works created over the past decade.  The setting is perfect for reflecting the Chinese ideals that have infused my art for many years -- it is a place of quiet reflection where one can sense an ancient world filled with scholar-artists (so-called "cultured people" or "wenren" in Chinese) who sought to find the inner energy (qi") in the natural world as rendered in painting, calligraphy, and music. While the Library is alive with visitors, young and older, the setting is conducive to a quiet sense of contemplation.   The Library is open every day except Sunday from 11am-6pm.  

Tue, 06/06/2017 - Wed, 09/20/2017
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