"Happy Mountain" Greenport, NY

"Happy Mountain" is a public sculpture in a childrens' playground in Greenport, a wonderful seaside town roughly two hours east of New York City.  The sculpture utlizes the massive trunk of a 160-year old silver maple that had to be felled because the brittle overhanging limbs threatened the children below.  As soon as I saw the stump, I realized that it offered marvelous texture that seemed perfect for a modern version of a Chinese landscape painting.  The work -- rough cleaning, sanding, priming, and painting -- required about three weeks of work (while a day camp brought dozens of children who played around the stump while I did my thing).  The other side of the stump is being transformed into a bench for parents and children alike, being shaped by the remarkable David Nyce, a great furniture artist who also happens to be the former mayor of Greenport.  The inauguration of the work -- both my landscape and Nyce's bench -- will be scheduled at a later date.

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